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On 24 August 2016, during a dispute that had brought El Tabacal sugar mill, in the province of Salta, to a standstill, police used rubber bullets to put an end to a roadblock, under orders of the governor, Juan Manuel Urtubey.
With harvesting at a standstill, renewed negotiations had been (...)

Postobon, which belongs to the conglomerate Organización Ardila Lulle, in association with multinational PepsiCo, is operating a policy aimed at eradicating trade union organisations. By August 2016, the company had dismissed over three million unionised workers from 27 production centres across (...)

On 15 July 2016, in the province of Jujuy, sugar workers belonging to the Sindicato de Obreros y Empleados del Azúcar del Ingenio Ledesma (SOEAIL-CTA) were brutally attacked by members of the National Gendarmerie and private security guards whilst taking part in a march within the framework of (...)

The ITUC condemned the assassination of trade unionist Brenda Marleni Estrada Tambiento that took place on 19 June 2016. Brenda was the deputy coordinator of the Legal Advice Commission of the Unión Sindical de Trabajadores de Guatemala (UNSITRAGUA-HISTORICA), affiliated to the ITUC. She was (...)

Six people were killed and 50 injured in clashes between federal police officers and members of the Section 22 branch of the Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE), in Nochixtlán, north of Oaxaca City. The clashes broke out in the early hours of Sunday 19 June 2016, when (...)

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