Saudi Arabia - 24 Indian workers stranded in Riyadh denounce being victims of torture

24 Indian workers from the States of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Odisha, recruited through a job agency and hired by the Amal al-Muqauril company in Riyadh, denounced being victims of torture in the firm for not even having access to food or water for 10 days. The workers got their visas through a company called Voltech in the Indian city of Chennai and flew to Riyadh in December 2016. The Indian workers declared that they had been victims of torture of a physical and mental nature from the very first day they joined the company. They finally found a way to publicise their situation via WhatsApp messages sent to Indian local media, asking the Indian Government to rescue them. While the Indian Embassy secured passports for the workers, their employer refused to allow them to leave the country. In April 2017, Indian officials pledged to rescue the workers.

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