Colombia - ASTCABAL member suffers armed attack

Víctor Manuel Muñoz Córdoba, a member of the Asociación de Trabajadores Campesinos del Municipio de Balboa (ASTCABAL), affiliated to FENSUAGRO-CUT, was the victim of an armed attack on 14 March 2017, in La Planada, in the municipality of Balboa- Cauca. The public vehicle he was travelling in was stopped by two individuals with balaclavas covering their faces, who threatened the occupants with firearms. When Víctor decided to jump out of the vehicle and take flight, the attackers fired three shots and one of the bullets hit him in the right arm. He managed escape down a mountainside, falling into the River Turbio, where he was dragged along by the current until he was helped to safety and taken to hospital.

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