Paraguay - Anti-union discrimination at Última Hora newspaper

On 5 June 2017, members of the journalists’ union, Sindicato de Periodistas del Paraguay (SPP), denounced the owner of the daily newspaper Última Hora for discriminating against and harassing unionised journalists. In a note sent to the Labour Ministry, the SPP called for a tripartite meeting to put an end to the anti-union discrimination anti-union discrimination Any practice that disadvantages a worker or a group of workers on grounds of their past, current or prospective trade union membership, their legitimate trade union activities, or their use of trade union services. Can constitute dismissal, transfer, demotion, harassment and the like.

See Guide to the ITUC international trade union rights framework

and harassment suffered by journalists. The note explained that the journalists started to face discrimination for being union members, covered by a collective agreement, as of the moment they were incorporated within the A. J. Vierci Group in 2016.

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