Turquía - Anti-union dismissals at UPS subcontractors (2011)

In the course of a few months, by end September 160 workers who worked for UPS and its sub-contractors in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, were dismissed after having registered their membership with the TURK-Is-affiliated Türkiye Motorlu Tasit Isçileri Sendikasi TÜMTIS. Other workers have also been continuously harassed and intimidated by local UPS management in order to either prevent them from joining or make them resign from the union. In July there was even a shooting incident, when the manager of a sub-contractor fired shots outside the offices of a public notary in Izmir, where he had tried to force workers to resign their union membership.

On 17 April, 31 workers were also dismissed at one of UPS’s sub-contractors, C.I.B. Human Services and Cleaning Services Inc. The dismissed workers had previously been requested by their depot managers to sign a form which said they would abstain from any claims against the termination of their employment contract.

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