Indonesia - Arrest of union officials and striking workers (2012)

On 15 March, police arrested eight nurses and midwives in connection with their involvement in a strike at the Jayapura District Hospital in West Papua. The eight were charged under Articles 160 and 335.1 of Indonesia’s criminal code for allegedly inciting their co-workers to take part in a strike. The eight women, Leni Ebe, Popi Mauri, Stevi Siahaya, Luthrinu, Siska Mandosir, Yolanda Inauri, Dolita Ataruri, and Imbenay, were detained at the criminal investigation unit of the Papuan police command. The status of those arrested was not known at the end of the year.

On 24 August, police arrested and remanded for 30 days FKUI Union Chairman Teuku Nantasyah (Nanta) at the Lafarge Cement Indonesia (PT.SAI-Lafarge) in Aceh on false charges of stealing rope from the company. Lafarge also dismissed Nanta in connection with the incident. The arrest followed Nanta’s involvement in the struggle for workers’ rights against Lafarge management officials and contractors for a number of months. Nanta was released from police custody on 21 September but he has not been reinstated to his job.

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