Camboya - Assorted anti-union intimidation (2012)

Several other cases of anti-union intimidation were reported during the course of 2011. One such case involved the Kennetex garment factory, which, according to a complaint filed by the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers’ Democratic Union (C.CAWDU) with the Arbitration Council, intimidated workers wanting to join its union and fired two workers standing for union leadership posts at the factory.

The Free Trade Union of Workers of the Kingdom of Cambodia reported that the M&V garment factory hounded workers wanting to join its union. The company refused to renew the short-term contracts of around 400 workers who showed support for the FTUWKC. Most of them were then re-offered employment if they promised not to join this union.

On 3 October, the Taiwanese garment factory Meroson Cambodia Co Ltd in the Dangkor district, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, fired three workers who had been elected as representatives of the union affiliated to the Cambodian National Confederation for Labourers Protection (CNCLP). After a two-day strike, the workers managed to secure their reinstatement. The Cambodian Union Federation (CUF) also reported that three of its trade union representatives had been dismissed in October.

In December, the Union Federation for Labour Rights (UFLR) likewise reported that its representative, Sin Vanhong, was fired from the Shinglecom Cambodia garment factory shortly after forming a union there.

Threats against Phnom Penh Hotel workers showing interest in trade union activities were also reported by the Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers’ Federation (CTSWF).

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