Chile - Brutal attack and death threats against union leader

On Thursday 18 April 2019, the president of the SINAMOC union, Manuel Montenegro, was brutally attacked by five individuals armed with wooden bats, during a break in the meeting he was attending with ACCIONA management representatives at the Regional Labour Inspectorate of Talca, where he had come to represent five union members who had been dismissed in the middle of the collective bargaining process. Montenegro and the workers he was representing went to a nearby cybercafe to send messages to the union during the break.
It was there that the five individuals stormed into the café, attacking Manuel Montenegro from behind and making death threats against him and his family, and then fled the scene in a jeep and on a motorcycle.
Montenegro was rushed to the regional hospital in Talca, where he was kept in for observation, having suffered several fractures and serious injuries to his head and left arm.
One of the aggressors was identified as Mauricio Jiménez, president of SINCOC, a pro-employer union that was fully aware of all the details of the meeting and the whereabouts of Manuel Montenegro.

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