Ucrania - Discrimination against trade union members and activists (2012)

V. Sushytskyi, Chairman of the local branch of the Independent Trade Union of Miners (NPGU) at the “Dobropilska”, mine was illegally demoted to a lower paid job in January 2011. Other trade union members faced pressure from managers, urging them to leave the union. Despite appeals by the union to the local prosecutor’s office and even to the President of Ukraine, no adequate reaction followed except some standard notification letters saying that no law had been violated.

The members of the local branch of the NPGU at OJSC Marganets Ore Processing Plant encountered additional administrative obstacles to being paid while on sick leave in February. The NPGU complained to the director of the executive directorate of the Social Insurance Fund for Temporary Disability as well as to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

T.Taranuschenko, the chair of the newly established branch of the Al-Ukrainian trade union “Defence of Justice” (affiliate of KVPU) at the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine received threats of dismissal from management in March. The KVPU sent a letter to the President of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, as well as to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, who replied that no violation of the law had been identified in this case.

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