Ucrania - Employers and local authorities try to prevent trade union activity (2012)

The management of the Pavlador section of the Social Insurance Fund has refused to check-off membership fees to the union (a local organisation of the NPGU), and claimed the union is illegal. The chair of the local trade union, M. Zhytnyk, was repeatedly summoned to the police station. The prosecutor’s office illegally seized trade union documents and personal statements by union members related to membership fees in May.

The tax authorities of Lysychansk city have breached legislation on trade unions by not granting the KVPU and NPGU trade union organisations the status of non-profitable organisations. According to Mr V.M.Terosypov, the chair of the KVPU local association in Lysychansk, the members of the local trade union at OJSC “Lysychanskvuhillja” in Lysychansk were summoned to the management’s offices and threatened in September. The KVPU Chairman appealed to the tax authorities of Ukraine and to the management of the OJSC “Lysychanskvuhillja”, insisting that the legislation of Ukraine be respected.

Management at “Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited” ignores the union’s appeals concerning working conditions and pay. According to R. Zavhorodni, the chair of the local trade union (affiliated to the KVPU), the management ignored his request to provide him with a text of the collective agreement at the enterprise.

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