Malasia - Employers attempt to bust unions (2011)

Since a labour dispute between Airod and the Airod Executives Union (AEU) was referred to the Industrial Court two years ago, Airod officials have harassed and retaliated against the union and its members in an attempt to bust the union. First, Airod unilaterally withdrew the union’s dues check-off provisions that have been in effect since 2001. Airod then announced annual salary increments for all employees, including management staff, but specifically excluded all members of the AEU. In January, AEU filed unfair labour practice charges with the Director General of Industrial Relations (DGIR). The DGIR has done nothing for six months to resolve the problem.

French-owned Clipsal, an electrical plug manufacturing company in Shah Alam, withdrew the union dues check-off provisions for the EIWU which has been in place for more than 25 years in an attempt to bust the union. Clipsal officials stopped the check-off for union dues after EIWU increased union dues, despite EIWU members being in favour of the increase. The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) will submit a complaint to the Paris-based OECD to contest Clipsal’s actions.

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