Emiratos Árabes Unidos - Employers illegally forcing staff to pay for UAE visa renewal

Unscrupulous employers are illegally charging staff up to Dh15,000 every two years for the renewal of their employment visas. The practice is common among small-business owners and most of the victims are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, working in the tailoring industry and in grocery shops. They remain silent out of fear for their jobs.
On some occasions workers were promised far higher pay in their home country only to come to the UAE after having paid thousands for their visa to be on a far lower wage.

Some come in debt; they sell their home, land and other belongings back home to come here. And they don’t get the job they were promised once they reach here. And it’s usually people of their own nationality who trick them and make them pay for their visa and take advantage of their vulnerability. Some pay in full. It depends on the business.

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