Camboya - Employers still opposed to collective bargaining 

According to the Cambodian Labour Confederation, employers in Cambodia frequently oppose and delay collective bargaining. For instance, NagaWorld airport hotel and Sorya Transportation refused to engage in collective bargaining with the respective company unions. NagaWorld even brought the matter before the arbitration council as a stalling tactic, which means that workers cannot enter into collective action while the matter is pending. 
Source CLC questionnaire 
26-11-2019 Amended Trade Union Law still not compliant with ILO Convention 87 
The ten amendments to the Trade Union Law (TUL) passed by the Cambodian parliament on 26 November are still not compliant with the principle of freedom of association. The amended TUL does not allow for sectoral and professional trade union organisations, which makes it impossible for domestic workers and other workers not covered by the enterprise model of work organisation to form a trade union. Minority unions are unable to bargain on behalf of their own members. There are also risks of intervention of the trade union’s administration through financial audits if a donor requests it, broad grounds for dissolution of a trade union, and inconsistent age requirements for candidates standing in trade union elections. In practice, upper-level trade unions are obstructed from representing members and non-members in collective labour disputes. 

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