Iraq - Forced transfer of trade unionists in the industry and mining sectors

The General Federation of Trade Unions of Iraq (GFTU) announced that workers in companies under the Ministry of Industry and Minerals have been subject to different forms of repression after that they have led a series of protests against bad policies by these companies.
Among other things, the workers denounced the company’s incorporation plan and the arbitrary dismissal and transfer of staff.
In this context, the GFTU affirmed that the investment process jeopardises national energy and wastes professional and scientific skills in order to serve the interests of investors, with the complicity of the administrations that have made redundancies and unfounded transfers.
The GFTU cited the example of trade unionist Samira Nasseur Mizayen, transferred from the General Company of the Food Industry to the General Company of the Hydraulic Industries without any technical or legal basis. The trade unionist was transferred after freely expressing herself to defend the company and its employees.
Workers at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals companies have said they intend to continue their protests in order to defend the establishments to which they belong.

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