Indonesia - Garment worker miscarries after police assault (2012)

A protester demanding her labour rights suffered a miscarriage due to police violence. On 6 May, Ms Iis Suparti, a worker at PT Micro Garment (PTMG) in Bandung who was part of a demonstration of 148 other PTMG workers at the company’s factory to protest against PTMG labour rights violations. The protest was the latest of several protests by the factory employees to secure their rights. Despite the legal and peaceful nature of the protest, the Solokan Jeruk local sector police chief disrupted the demonstration when he grabbed the megaphone from Ms. Tri Rubiati Sanik, the Executive Chairman of the Joint Workers Struggle Solidarity Centre (Pusat Gabungan Solidariats Perjuangan Buruh- GSPB-, the labour union), and threatened to arrest Ms. Sanik. In the scuffle that followed the police stuck and shoved Ms. Suparti causing her to fall. Mrs. Suparti, who was pregnant, was taken to the nearest hospital where she suffered a miscarriage.

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