Pakistán - Health workers strike banned

The Peshawar district administration imposed a ban on a proposed strike by health workers by invoking Section 144 of the criminal code (on unlawful assembly) banning strikes at the city’s hospitals and key access roads.
The Health Employees Council had planned to hold a strike on 10 May 2017 over allowances for paramedics, and the transfer of some hospital staff. Police were deployed at the district’s hospitals soon after imposition of Section 144, and soon the protest turned into a sit-in. The strike went ahead at three hospitals.
Legal proceedings were initiated against some of the strike leaders, in the form of a “First Information Report” (FIR) filed with the police. This led to a further strike by health workers to demand the withdrawal of the FIR and of recent transfer orders for some health workers. A protest rally was held in Jinnah Park under the banner of the All Employees Coordination Council. The rally was addressed by the Coordination Council president Aslam Khan, general secretary Roidar Shah, the Paramedical Association general secretary Luqman Gul, Local Government Employees Union president Malik Naveed, All Pakistan Clerks Association provincial president Sareer Khan, Adnan Azmat and Sanitation Workers Union representatives.
Health department officials finally offered to negotiate their demands, and the rally dispersed peacefully.

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