Cuba - Independent trade unionists in prison (2010)

In July, five independent trade unionists were still being held in prison, having been arrested during the wave of repression in March 2003 and condemned to long prison sentences in summary trials. They are Nelson Molinet Espino, General Secretary of the democratic workers’ confederation, Confederación de Trabajadores Democráticos de Cuba (CTDC); Miguel Galván Gutiérrez, an independent journalist and deputy director of the national labour and trade union training centre, Centro Nacional de Capacitación Sindical y Laboral; Alfredo Felipe Fuentes, leader of the united council of Cuban workers’, Consejo Unitario de Trabajadores de Cuba (CUTC); Iván Hernández Carrillo, member of the national executive of the independent workers’ confederation, CONIC; and Héctor Raúl Valle, a member of democratic workers’ confederation, CTDC.

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