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Massive attacks on journalists marred the weeks leading up to the presidential elections of 23 July, when President Bakiyev was re-elected amidst many problems and irregularities in a vote that was sharply criticised by observers. Serious violations of the rights of migrant workers and refugees were reported by the International Federation for Human Rights. Gender discrimination, including violence against women, remains a major concern.

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Union activities hampered30-11-2009

Some employers impede the work of trade unions by refusing to let union representatives enter companies in which their members are employed. In companies facing severe economic difficulties, management often threatens bankruptcy as a means of deterring trade union activity. Collective agreements are not always respected. Labour inspection labour inspection An authority responsible for ensuring compliance with labour laws and legal provisions relating to protection of workers through the inspection of workplaces. is largely ineffective, and possible fines for trade union rights violations are merely token sums that do not promote compliance.

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