Corea, República de - Mass dismissal of striking workers (2013)

The Korean Railway Workers’ Union (KRWU) called a strike at the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) against privatisation. The union made five specific demands: revocation of the decision to establish the Suseo KTX corporation; stopping the issuance of corporate licenses by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; establishment of a railroad development subcommittee in the National Assembly Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee; establishment of an organisation for stakeholder discussions; and putting an end to anti-union discrimination.

KORAIL responded by dismissing about 6,748 workers who participated in the strike. This means that almost all the workers who went on strike lost their jobs. The KRWU filed an injunction with the Daejeon District Court to prevent the establishment of the Suseo KTX Corporation. Solidarity actions were held throughout the country together with civil society organisations against privatisation at central train stations in Cheonan, Jeonju, Suncheon, and Mokpo.

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