Malasia - Migrant workers die, suffer abuse (2011)

A three-day protest by more than 5,000 migrant workers over the death of a Nepali co-worker ended on 17 August following a four-point agreement between JCY SDB BHD Company, a computer parts manufacturer in Johor Baru, and the company’s workers. According to fellow Nepali workers, Karna Bahadur Gharti Magar of Rolpa died on 14 August due to a delay in getting treatment for a serious illness caused by company negligence. On 4 August, another Nepali worker, Buddi Lal Mahato, also died due to lack of timely treatment. He was working at Lii Hen Furniture Company and suffered from a high fever.

On 18 September, Malaysian police in the northern state of Penang arrested a man and his wife for burning their 26-year-old maid from Indonesia with a hot iron and scalding water. The police also charged the man for repeatedly raping the woman. Of the estimated 300,000 maids in Malaysia, Indonesians make up 90% while Filipinas constitute 8%. Indonesian Embassy second secretary (consular affairs), Susapto Anggoro Broto, said Malaysia was the most problematic of all the Asian countries that take in Indonesian maids.

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