Jordania - Migrant workers – underpaid, overworked and abused (2010)

In June, a textile union organiser visited the Al Kada Factory to speak with 20 Indian migrant workers. The migrants were working illegally without work or residency papers and their passports had been confiscated by the factory owner. They were forced to live in a shop locked at night with only small amounts of poor quality food. The Textile Workers Union intervened on their behalf with the employer to legalize the workers and improve their conditions. On 27 July, the Jordan textile union led a protest for 193 migrant workers from Al.Masader Factory in the Al Dulayl QIZ (EPZ) who have not received wages or compensation for three months, in spite of government promises to resolve the situation. The workers not been paid for three months, and the company had cut the water and electricity to their dormitories, and refused to pay for airline tickets home. An earlier protest for non payment of wages was held on 14 July when 50 Jordanians complained to the Ministry.

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