Federación Rusa - Migrant workers’ union in the Arkhangelskaya region abolished (2012)

The migrant workers’ union, affiliated to the Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR), in Arkhangelskaya region, headed by Dmitriy Dubonos, a citizen of Ukraine, met with pressure and repression in 2011, after the establishment of a primary union at Northern Railroad in February2011.

Dmitriy Dubonos’s permission to stay in Russia was annulled by the migration service in May. This decision was confirmed by a court in July 2011. As a citizen of Ukraine, Dubonos has to leave Russia every 90 days, and to return after that. At the same time, legal action against the migrant workers’ union was started by the prosecutor’s office in June 2011. On 21 October, the trade union was abolished by the court. The decision was confirmed by the Supreme Court in December 2011.

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