Zimbabwe - Nationwide strike of the NRZ workers over non-payment of salaries

National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) workers started a nationwide strike to force the company to pay US$86 million worth of outstanding salaries and wages that the NRZ owes to its nearly 7,000 workers of which 2,349 were former workers retrenched in 2015 on three months’ notice. In response, the Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister ordered workers to immediately return to work. The workers vowed to continue with the strike even after being threatened with dismissal by the management. They argued that the majority of them did not have any more money to buy food or pay rent and school fees for their children. A similar strike action took place at the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) at Dura House in Harare, where 600 workers retrenched on three months’ notice had the right to an approximate US$5 million payment of overdue wages and salaries.

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