China - Taxi drivers and bus drivers beaten while on strike (2012)

During the summer, in the south and central parts of China, there was a series of strikes by taxi drivers protesting rising fuel prices and stagnant wages. Drivers were calling for higher wages and higher fares in response to increased prices. In Hangzhou for example, around 1,500 taxi drivers went on strike for three days in August. In March in Lanzhou, some 5,000 striking taxi drivers surrounded the provincial government offices demanding an end to rising taxes and fines. Their protest was met by around 300 police - several people were injured.

In January, a group of bus drivers and conductors were injured in a clash with police during a wage dispute. The strike began when conductors on various bus routes in Shenzhen demanded talks with management over wage levels and wage setting policies. However, management refused to talk to the workers and the police were called. Clashes erupted and several workers were injured.

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