República Centroafricana - In March 2013, the Seleka rebel alliance... (2013)

The ITUC affiliates in the Central African Republic are the Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs de Centrafrique (CNCT) and the Confédération Syndicale des Travailleurs de Centrafrique (CSTC).

In March 2013, the Seleka rebel alliance captured the capital ousting President François Bozizé. The country has subsequently descended into ethno-religious violence. Thousands have been brutally murdered, and more recently Muslims have been targeted by militias in revenge for the rebels’ seizure of power. The UN has warned that there was a high risk of genocide. The Security Council expressed concern at the collapse of the administration.
It is impossible for workers to enjoy their rights in a country where governmental institutions have fundamentally failed to hold those who are responsible for systematic violations of human rights and humanitarian law accountable. Respect for the rule of law is essential when it comes to the protection of the rights of workers.

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