Croacia - Anti-union harassment against shop stewards (2012)

Dalibor Tudić, shop steward of the Trade Union of Tourism and Services of Croatia (STUH), resigned in June 2011, following eight months of constant anti-union pressure and mobbing by his employer, the sport-betting company Pelikan kladionice, in Zagreb. Among other things, STUH reported that the employer unlawfully amended Tudić’s employment contract, prevented his trade union work and banned him from entering the company premises.

Just two days after a branch union of the Trade Union of Wood and Paper Industry was established in the Pan paper manufacturing company in Donji Andrijaševci in November, newly elected shop steward Marinko Matić was unlawfully demoted. Employees decided to form a union after months of being paid their wages in coupons which could be used only in the company’s shops.

In October, the New Trade Union, affiliated to the Croatian Trade Union Association, filed criminal charges and requested a labour inspection of the companies Presoflex gradnja, in Požega, and Sunčana staza, in Zagreb, because they would not allow trade union activity in the company. According to the New Trade Union, both companies have dismissed shop stewards without union consent, as well as workers over 60 years old, which is also in violation of the Labour Law.

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