Colombia - Police repression of SINALTRAINAL protest at Colombina S.A.

On 11 May 2017, members of agri-food workers’ union SINALTRAINAL held an informative meeting about the collective bargaining collective bargaining The process of negotiating mutually acceptable terms and conditions of employment as well as regulating industrial relations between one or more workers’ representatives, trade unions, or trade union centres on the one hand and an employer, a group of employers or one or more employers’ organisations on the other.

See collective bargaining agreement
proposals presented to Colombina S.A., in the municipality of Cota, in Cundinamarca. SINALTRAINAL reported that two National Police officers wearing balaclavas, and without identification badges, arrived at the scene and used violence to disperse the participants and removed the organisation’s banners. Thirteen police officers later arrived, stating that they had receive a call from Colombina S.A. managers reporting that a group of unknown individuals were preventing employees from entering and exiting the workplace, a claim the trade union refutes.

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