Serbia - Refusal to comply with provisions of collective agreements

There are numerous cases of non-compliance of the employer with the provisions of collective agreements, especially in the healthcare sector. This includes the following:
-  Organisation and salary calculations for on-call duties and 24-hour shifts in workplaces such as the Pirot General Hospital; the Uzice Health Centre; the Aranđelovac General Hospital and the Smederevska Palanka General Hospital;
-  Employee compensation costs in the case of a family member’s death in the Batočina Health Centre; the Gnjilane Pharmacy and the Bac Health Centre;
-  Jubilee awards payment in the Kula Health Centre; the Stari Grad Health Centre, Belgrade; the Nis Blood Transfusion Institute; the Uzice Health Centre and the Nis Institute for Emergency Medical Assistance;
-  Severance payment for retirement in the Nis Health Centre; the Zemun Clinical Hospital and the Valjevo General Hospital;
-  Transfer arrangements in the Uzice Health Centre;
-  Compensation for transportation to and from the workplace in the Gadžin Han Health Centre; the Kikinda General Hospital and the Belgrade Pharmacy;
-  Overtime payment in the Children’s University Hospital in Belgrade; providing administrative and technical conditions for trade union work in the Aranđelovac General Hospital; the Vladimirci Health Centre; the Uzice Health Centre; the Požega Health Centre; the Institute for Neonatology in Belgrade and the Zajecar Health Centre;
-  Salaries in the Utilities Services of the Republic of Serbia;
-  Payment compensation for transportation, meal allowances, bonuses and per diems in relation to civil servants;
-  Salaries in relation to employees in primary, secondary and boarding schools.

In general, it is very difficult to conclude collective agreements at the sectoral and national levels. In addition, there are often problems with the extension of collective agreements, as only agreements that bind the employer that employs more than 50 per cent of workers in a given branch can be extended, subject to the decision of the Government.

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