Israel - Retaliation against Jerusalem Light Rail driver’s union members (2012)

Some 80 drivers at the Jerusalem light railway operated by Connex, joined Histadrut - General Federation of Labour in Israel in order to improve on-going working conditions and elected a workers’ committee. Management agreed to negotiate a collective agreement but it simultaneously began to take disciplinary action against the workers. A number of them received a pre-dismissal warning. At the same time, the company also reduced certain employee benefits such as transportation home after work. Likewise, management worsened the conditions of employment. In May, Histadrut announced a formal dispute with the company citing improper procedures for employee layoffs and worsening of terms of employment for union members. In July, Histadrut filed a claim against Connex and the senior management of the company (CEO, COO, Director of Training and the Human Resources Manager) for restrictions on the right to freedom of association and harassment of union members.

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