4 – Systematic violations of rights
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Sierra Leone

The ITUC affiliates in Sierra Leone are the Central Confederation of Trade Unions (CCOTU) and the Sierra Leone Labour Congress (SLLC).

In practice

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Threats against trade unionists19-05-2014

The Sierra Leone Seamen’s Union (SLSU) reports intensive threats against trade unionists by the management of the company “ShipManagement.” Workers were told they would be dismissed and blacklisted if they continued to demand the negotiation of a collective agreement.

Employer refusal to deduct union dues20-08-2013

African Minerals Limited refuses to deduct union dues from workers’ salaries in violation of national labour laws. The Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security has not reacted to this violation.

Violence and interference in the right to organise30-04-2012

In April 2012, workers protested over pay, conditions, and right to organise in Bumbuna. It was reported that police fired bullets and teargas canisters indiscriminately at the protesters leaving one woman dead and at least six injured. In June 2012 Sierra Leone’s Human Rights Commission announced an inquiry and recommendations for prosecution.

Public authorities refuse to grant workers of African Minerals Limited the right to belong to the union of their choice. All workers are assigned to one union. The Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security cancelled the registration certificate of the Mining and Allied Services Employees Union for no tangible reason and by extension the bargaining certificate, thereby making it redundant.

Violence against trade unionists31-01-2013

In January 2013, police opened fire on workers protesting against the non-payment of bonuses, for an end to racism, and improved conditions at Sierra Leone’s largest diamond mine in Koidu. Two workers were killed.

In May 2013, the company retaliated against workers who had participating in the strike strike The most common form of industrial action, a strike is a concerted stoppage of work by employees for a limited period of time. Can assume a wide variety of forms.

See general strike, intermittent strike, rotating strike, sit-down strike, sympathy strike, wildcat strike
action by dismissing 300 workers.

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