China - Sixteen arrested and excessive force used by police in teachers’ pay protest

Police arrested 16 retired teachers on 27 May 2018 during a protest over unpaid performance bonuses in Lu’an city in the Anhui province.
About 200 teachers took part in the demonstration, marching to the municipal government office with banners demanding payment of arrears and better treatment.
Hundreds of police arrived at the scene. Photos and a video on Chinese social media show police officers pulling and shoving individuals as they try to escape arrest, with clear examples of excessive force.
China’s government censors deleted social media posts related to the incident soon after posting, but not before the sight of police officers beating the pensioners had sparked an outcry. The government also reportedly tried to make the teachers sign something saying that all money owing to them had been paid. As a result a further demonstration took place three days later outside a municipal government building – the demonstrators insisting the government had not paid the retired teachers the money it owed them.

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