Croacia - Strike banned for workers of Croatia Airlines

The management of Croatia Airlines announced that, in case the Croatia Airlines Workers’ Union (ORCA) organised a strike action, all workers would have their approved annual leave during July and August cancelled and that pay and all the relevant contributions on salaries would be proportionally reduced for those workers participating in the strike. Workers were considering a collective dispute since August 2017, following the failure of the management to meet their demands. These included a salary increase, more holiday days, an agreement on a regular flight crew list, increasing sick leave benefits from 70 to 90 per cent of salaries, as well as full-time employment for seasonal staff who have been employed for longer than a year. In August the company questioned the legality of the planned strike action and filed for a judicial ban. The court decided in favour of the company claiming that “the Organisation of Workers at Croatia Airlines (ORCA) did not negotiate in good faith a new collective agreement”. The trade union appealed to the Supreme Court. However, the highest judicial authority later upheld the ban. Antonia Čorak deplored this decision: "I do not know which parameters were used to come to that decision, having in mind that we met conditions for a strike a year ago. Only on account of our good faith, we have been postponing the strike in an attempt to reach an agreement.”

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