Iraq - Strikes and calls for labour law reform (2012)

In the run up to the national protests on 25 February, trade unions in Iraq conducted strikes and protests to demand a new labour law that gives public-sector trade unions full and universal rights. On 4 January, public employees and civil servants held a protest to uphold labour rights for the hundreds of workers who have been sacked from ministries and agencies in industry, commerce, agriculture, irrigation, and other government departments because of political allegiances.

Oil workers, teachers and textile workers all went on strike during the year over wages, discrimination of Kurdish workers and contract labour. On 29 March, workers at the ministry of industry supported by the national trade union federation (GFIW) organised a day of protest. Protestors demanded the abolishment of longstanding repressive labour legislation and the adoption of new labour laws in addition to reinstating workers dismissed for their political views.

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