Perú - Striking cement workers face police repression, discrimination and reprisals

On 31 July, a nationwide strike was held across the cement sector, called by the Federación de Trabajadores del Cemento y Premezclado del Perú. Various incidents were reported during the strike and demonstrations staged that day.

The union representing employees of cement producer UNACEM, Sindicato de Trabajadores de Unión Andina de Cementos (UNACEM), denounced that the police repressed a trade union demonstration held in Villa María del Triunfo, despite the fact that the organisers had the relevant authorisations. The trade union was forced to put an end to the strike at UNACEM, to avoid potential dismissals after the action was declared unlawful. In addition, workers were hired to replace strikers during the industrial action and UNACEM offered all employees who refused to join the strike a bonus of 800 soles. The Labour Ministry fined the company for having violated the right to strike. In the legal action filed by the union, however, the court ruled in favour of the company.

Meanwhile, Cementos Pacasmayo dismissed several workers (Juan Carlos Mendo Valerio, Víctor Hugo Goycochea Chávez, Víctor Gerardo Paz Portilla, Rolando Ernesto Palacios Puitiza, Telmo Roldan Sagastegui Gil and Hebert Carrasco Quezada), for carrying placards during the mobilisation, violating their trade union rights.

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