Moldova - Trade union demands no met; the union activists under criminal trial (2012)

The dispute between the sugar plant SA Glodeny Zahar and employees continues. The workers have not received their wages since June 2009. The plant went bankrupt at the end of 2009, and the bankruptcy administration has been reluctant to pay out the wage arrears. When the workers began picketing the gates of the plant in order to prevent the sale of the plant’s assets, including sugar which was still at the premises, the five leaders and activists of the trade union organisation of the enterprise – Vasiliy Guliak, Valentina Semenyuk, Anatoliy Furtuna, Fyodor Svoevolin and Victor Golibaba - were arrested at the end of 2010. A strong international solidarity campaign was launched, and the trade union activists were released. But the criminal charges were not dropped, and the five trade union activists of SA Glodeny Zahar still face possible sentences of several (from three to eight) years in prison for their trade union activity. Workers’ protests continued throughout 2011 without success.

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