Argelia - Trade union activities still heavily curtailed in Algeria as persecution against the independent trade union movement continues

Trade unions in Algeria face multiple obstacles in the exercise of their activities as a result of undue and heavy restrictions imposed on the freedom to form and join unions, the constant interference by the government in their activities, and undue restrictions on the right to strike.

In recent years, anti-union discriminatory practices and interference in trade union affairs have been recorded, including harmful acts against union leaders and members (such as harassment, intimidation, forced renunciation of union membership, individual and group anti-union dismissals, criminal prosecutions, imprisonment, physical assault, etc.). In addition, some unions were subjected to closure or dissolution, refusal to re-register them and very excessive restrictions and requirements for affiliation.

The government announced a new proposal to amend the problematic Trade Union Law No. 90-14 and the Labour Code in order to address the long-standing comments of the International Labour Organization. However, the government has yet to organise tripartite consultations in this regard.

In September 2021, a bloc of independent unions in the sectors of education, health, services and public employment agreed to organise a general strike to call on the government to initiate social dialogue and undo the policies and practices restricting union freedoms. The «Democratic Alternative Forces» in Algeria also called for the release of more than 254 people, imprisoned by the judiciary for engaging in activity or expressing a position opposing the authorities, announced the launch of a «front against repression and to defend freedoms» and called on human rights defenders, politicians and journalists to join.

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