Ucrania - Trade union leaders and activists dismissed (2011)

In June 2010 Mr. Stanevych, Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Workers of "Imperial Tobacco Production of Ukraine” affiliated to the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU), was handed two illegal disciplinary fines. The Labour Inspector considered that the financial sanctions on Mr. Stanevych violated Article 252 of the Labour Code. This finding was later appealled in court, which decided to overturn the Labour Inspector’s decision. At the same time Mr. Stanevych’s wife, who works in the same company, was threatened with dismissal if her husband did not stop his trade union activities.

At “Pushcha Voditsa” in the Kyiv region, where the wages are very low and often paid with a delay, two KVPU local union members were fired. While it was formally called a redundancy, the dismissals occurred after they had raised questions concerning the low wages. The union activists appealed to court, but the dismissals were found to be legal.

Mrs. Zoya Khyzhnyak, who is Chairwoman of the independent trade union «Justice» affiliated to KVPU and who had been illegally fired, was reinstated by a court on 29 March 2010 at Sumy State Customs Service of Ukraine. However, the decision was not implemented by the employer. In May 2010 the judgement was revoked by the court of appeal, and now the case is considered in cassation proceedings.

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