Montenegro, República de - Trade unionists repressed and discriminated against (2011)

The construction company Novi Prvoborac, in Herceg Novi, has refused to bargain collectively, has violated the right to strike and has illegally dismissed workers since 2008. At least nine workers, including Zdravko Stevović, then president of the trade union AD Novi Prvoborac, have been dismissed since 2008 because of participating in a strike. Harassment of trade union leaders have also been reported, and prohibiting trade union meetings has also been a recurring practice.

Between 2008 and 2010, the courts have overruled a total of 71 dismissal decisions in the company as illegal, including the mentioned cases, but the employer has still not complied with the judicial decisions and allowed workers to return to work. Due to the above mentioned reasons, in June 2010 the company trade union organisation filed a criminal complaint against the management with the State Attorney’s Office.

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