Tailandia - Employers show anti-union attitudes (2011)

Union leaders and members were dismissed on numerous occasions during the year as they attempted to form unions or negotiate bargaining agreements. Employers remained anti-union. The list includes the following: Thai Sobhi Kohgei Company (Sobhi) dismissed 11 Thai Sobhi Workers’ Union (TSWU) leaders and members on 18 February, after the union submitted its proposals for a collective bargaining agreement; Chintana Apparel Company (Chintana) dismissed all eight members of the Chintana and Affiliates Workers’ Union (CAWU) Executive Committee on 27 February, with the charges stemming from the union’s holding of a membership meeting to provide an update on negotiations with the company; Japan-based Nikon (Thailand) (Nikon) dismissed 34 members of the Nikon Workers’ Union of Thailand (NWUT) on 28 February after union leaders presented bargaining demands for a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA); at Nikon (Thailand) Co the chairman of the Nikon labour union, Thongchai Sitthidet, said management suspended nine labour union board members on 24 March after they encouraged fellow workers to demand better benefits from the company; Thai Fukoku Co. Ltd (Fukoku) dismissed 13 union leaders on 21 June after they formed a union on 14 June; TFO Tech (Thailand) Co. Ltd. dismissed eight Thailand Autoparts and Metal Workers’ Union (TAM) negotiating team members on 22 June after the TAM submitted bargaining demands for a new CBA; SKB Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (SKB) dismissed the President and Secretary General of the SKB Connection Labour Union that recently formed at the SKB factory; B. Mayer Thailand and T.G. Technology Co., Ltd dismissed 15 members of the B. Mayer and T.G. Worker’s Union’s Executive Committee and 13 other union members on 2 October, shortly after the union had formed; and Sumitomo Rubber Co., Ltd, dismissed four workers on 12 October after they formed a new union and submitted collective bargaining proposals to company officials.

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