Indonesia - Union harassed by government (2010)

As the Kongres Aliansi Serikat Buruh Indonesia (Congress of the Indonesian Labour Union Alliance) (KASBI) prepared for its national day of action in Jakarta on 20 October, KASBI officials noted numerous instances of government harassment: (1) police removed 12 KASBI union officials from a train at Surabaya Pasar Turi Train Station and briefly detained them; (2) Karawang City Police Chief interrogated Heryanto, the coordinator of KASBI Karawang, about KASBI mobilisation plans; (3) police threatened workers gathering in KASBI Karawang secretariat not go to Jakarta; (4) police interrogated the leader of KASBI Bandung Raya in an attempt to get information about the workers’ mobilisation plans; (5) police blocked a bus of workers from the KASBI Bandung Raya Secretariat to prevent it from going to Jakarta; (6) KASBI leaders in Jogjakarta reported police surveillance of their secretariat, and police interrogated KASBI members regarding their mobilisation plan to go to Jakarta; and (7) police blocked the bus of KASBI Banten members to prevent them from going to Jakarta. KASBI members who reached Jakarta for the demonstration on 20 October were met with similar actions of interrogation and surveillance. Police roughed up several KASBI members guarding demonstrators’ motorcycles and damaged several motorcycles as well.

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