Líbano - Unionised migrant workers arrested

Two Nepalese migrant domestic workers, namely Sujana Rana (known as Zogana Rana) and Roja Linmbu (known as Rosie Limbaugh), have been detained by the Lebanese authorities because of their direct involvement in a campaign demanding decent working conditions for foreign domestic workers in the middle-eastern country.

The two domestic workers, both members and militants of Lebanon’s domestic workers union, were deprived of personal freedom within five days in late November and early December.

Overall, the discriminatory and retaliatory nature of the arrest of the two women is clear. They were fighting for recognition of better working conditions for the 250,000 migrant domestic workers present in the country, coming mainly from Ethiopia, the Philippines, Nepal and Sri Lanka and often suffering from physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their employers.

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