Ucrania - Unions harassed by prosecutor’s offices (2010)

On 26 August, the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine (FPU) received a copy of the General Prosecutor’s Office’s representation to the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The representation, lodged on behalf of the Ministry of Justice as a result of an investigation into FPU’s compliance with the national constitution and laws, asked the court for compulsory dissolution of FPU. FPU immediately forwarded the document to its bodies and affiliates, and the FPU president requested the Prosecutor’s Office to clarify the grounds for the representation. Some FPU affiliates also turned to various prosecutor’s offices for an explanation, but the General Prosecutor’s Office never confirmed sending the representation. However, different officers reportedly treated inquiring trade union leaders in a tactless and biased way and tried to manipulate the unionists into giving negative information on trade union activities.

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