Congo, República Democrática del - Unions virtually excluded in the private sector (2010)

The absence of bona fide trade unions is the rule in the private sector. Most trade unions have no active members and have usually been created by employers to dupe the workers and discourage any attempts at organising, notably in the mining of natural resources. Human rights associations have reported many cases of Labour Code violations in enterprises where the trade union movement is unable to develop, such as the China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) which, under the terms of a bilateral agreement between China and Congo, is building or restoring roads and railways. The African Association for the Defence of Human Rights (ASADHO) has highlighted the powerlessness and fear of the labour inspectors who dare not take action against these investors who are so clearly favoured by the authorities. The General Industrial Company (SGI) in Kasangulu has also been singled out for the deplorable working conditions there. On 29 September Golden Misabiko, the president of the Katanga branch of ASADHO, was given a one year suspended sentence for reporting abuses of power and negligence by the local authorities in the uranium mines.

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