Croacia - Unregistered swine flu vaccine – whistleblower suspended (2010)

On 2 October Dr. Srećko Sladoljev, the workers’ representative in the supervisory board of the Institute of Immunology in Zagreb and a member of the works council, was suspended from work. Dr. Sladoljev is also a member of the local branch of the EKN, the Autonomous Union of Power, Chemical and Non-Metal Workers. In an earlier interview, he had denounced the lack of transparency in the Institute’s decision-making regarding a purchase of swine flu vaccine, and said he thought the situation was likely to cause severe harm to both the company and the public. Concerned that the producer was accepting no responsibility for the potential undesirable effects of the vaccine, the EKN warned the owner and the general public. Dr. Sladoljev was then suspended and banned from entering the Institute premises.

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