Jordania - Workers blamed and punished for strike action (2012)

A Taiwanese factory, Maintrend International, employing over 600 mainly Bangladeshi workers shut down in September alleging that worker strikes were to blame for the closure. Most workers had been recruited just months earlier.

According to officials of the Bangladesh embassy, the Jordanian authorities are not allowing the transfer of these workers to other factories as they had previously taken strike action which is illegal. The workers were forced to remain at the camp and later return home. The workers, also including some Jordanians and Chinese, had gone on a month-long strike in mid-September 2011 demanding an end to alleged beatings, forced deportation when workers cannot reach mandatory production goals, filthy dormitories, arbitrary wage cuts and limited access to toilet. On 22 September Jordanian police stormed the Maintrend factory, firing teargas and beating the striking women. Dozens were reportedly injured. There were previous strikes in June 2011 and 2010.

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