Serbia - Workers forced to join employer sponsored union (2011)

Workers in the companies Vital and Medela, in Vrbas, both having the same owner, were forced to leave the Autonomous Trade Union and join a new union sponsored by the employer. The President of the Autonomous Trade Union “Vital” Đorđe Vuković was dismissed in May 2010 and Milan Gagović was dismissed on 10 November, just a week after being elected as shop steward of the same union. A number of active trade unionists were not saved from reprisals, although they joined the new union, and some were also dismissed. The dismissals were explained as technological redundancies, but at the same time new workers were employed and the total number of employees remained the same. The same happened in Medela, where around 50 of 70 union members joined the new union and those active in organising a strike were dismissed.

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