Turquía - Workers forced to resign from their union (2011)

By November 2010, 127 members of the TURK-Is-affiliated Cement, Ceramics, Soil & Glass Industry Workers Union of Turkey (Türkiye ÇİMSE-İŞ SENDİKASI) at AKG Insulation and Construction Materials Industry & Trade Co. had to resign from the union after having been fiercely pressured by the employer. The union initiated a legal procedure which was still pending by the end of the year.

Since 20 April, workers at the Istanbul-based Medmar Marble and Mining Co. have also been threatened and intimidated in order to dissuade them from becoming a member of the TURK-Is-affiliated Miners’ Union of Turkey. Immediately after adhering to the union, seven workers’ contracts were suspended by the employer. During the union’s organisation efforts, the employer brought the notary public to the workplace in order to force new members to resign from the union. Furthermore, 34 union members were dismissed following their participation in a meeting of their union branch. In breach of Turkish law, they did not receive their severance pay or due annual leave payments.

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