Turquía - Workers take to court to get their rights respected (2011)

On 9 August, 23 dismissed Birlesik Metal IS members were reinstated after a week long peaceful factory occupation and strike for reinstatement. The workers at Çel-mer Metal company in Gebze Cayırova, Turkey had originally joined Birlesik Metal IS, a DISK affiliate, in early summer. Upon discovering union activity inside the steel factory, the company suddenly dismissed 12 workers. The workers began a public struggle for reinstatement in front of the plant and obtained this on 29 June. However, instead of starting to negotiate a first collective agreement, the company continued to pressure workers to resign from the union. After this failed, Çel-mer dismissed 23 more workers on 16 July. On 2 August, the 23 dismissed workers re-entered the plant and the whole workforce began a sit-in strike. Family members and supporters set up a tent in front of the factory. The company requested and was granted police back-up. The action drew great attention in and outside Turkey. During the tense time period of police surveillance in front of the sit-in occupation, local groups such as the Turkish UPS workers in TUMTIS as well as international ones sent solidarity delegations. An agreement in favour of the workers was concluded on 5 August.

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