Turquía - No progress towards achieving full trade union rights in line with EU Standards and ILO Conventions (2010)

In its October Progress Report, the European Commission reported that «the reinstitution of 1 May as Labour and Solidarity Day after 28 years was an encouraging step». However, it also deplored that «the current legal framework is not in line with EU Standards and ILO Conventions, in particular as regards the right to organise, the right to strike and the right to bargain collectively, for both the private and public sectors». The ILO also called upon Turkey to adopt these reforms and suggested the organisation of a high-level bipartite mission to assist the government. Social dialogue, at the cross-sectoral, sectoral and corporate levels, remains generally weak. Overall, the percentage of workers benefiting from collective agreements is low. The channels for tripartite social dialogue, in particular the Economic and Social Council, need to be strengthened.

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