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On 24 May 2017, police officers opened fire with live ammunition against union activists protesting against a labour law reform. Military troops were deployed in the country’s capital following a day of protests called by the trade union confederations. In all, 49 people were injured, one by a (...)

Tura Cement Company: Security forces stormed the sit-in of security workers at Tura Cement Company and arrested 22 workers who were then taken to the police station and charged with incitement to strike. They are still under arrest in the prison in Helwan.
They case is very important, as it is (...)

Throughout 2016, members of the Sindicato de Trabajadores Rimac (Sintrarimac) were confronted with anti-union dismissals, persecution, job threats, harassment and discriminatory treatment at the hands of the company. Six members and founders of the union were unfairly dismissed from the (...)

The Union of Bus Industry Workers (UBIW) is concerned about a new reform that might endanger the jobs of many of its workers. The National Transport Authority (NTA) has announced that a magnetic card is being considered for introduction in the near future to replace the conventional bus ticket. (...)

National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) workers started a nationwide strike to force the company to pay US$86 million worth of outstanding salaries and wages that the NRZ owes to its nearly 7,000 workers of which 2,349 were former workers retrenched in 2015 on three months’ notice. In response, the (...)

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